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  • A complete Cheque Printing & Management software
  • Hassle Free – Error Free – Saves Time
  • Professionally printed cheques - enhances image
  • Information on issued cheques at fingertip
  • Convenience of managing all account holders at a single point
  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Flexible, powerful & reliable
  • Interactive Helpdesk for prompt support
Effectively Print Your Cheque Using i-CHEQUE Software
With i-Cheque, instead of writing cheques by hand, now you can print cheques using the normal desktop printer on the standard cheque leaves provided by the bank. Install and print your first cheque in less than five minutes. i-Cheque adapts to any cheque format with minimal efforts. One can print multiple cheques together in a single lot. It has the facility to print EMI cheques & also import data from Excel for cheque printing. Moreover, i-Cheque manages your cheque books across all accounts and has a comprehensive tracking system.
  • Install and print your first cheque in less than five minutes
  • Multiple Account Holders & Bank Accounts
  • Interactive Cheque Format Designer
  • Web import of ready to use pre-designed formats
  • Cheque Book Management System account holders at a single point
  • Only the Payee and Amount required – rest taken care by system
  • Only after cheque is printed system records data after user confirmation
  • Manual cheques , Post-dated cheques & Cancellation
  • Printing of incomplete cheques (without date / amount / payee)